What is MEU?

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Model European Union (MEU) is a unique simulation of EU decision-making and politics, taking place annually in Strasbourg; a city that carries a lot of symbolism in relation to peace and democracy in Europe.

Every year, MEU brings together a significant number of highly-skilled and motivated young Europeans and gives them the superb opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the functioning of European institutions right on the premises of the European Parliament. The project is thus completely original in the world of simulations and is already extremely popular among young Europeans from diverse backgrounds and studies spanning from Law, International Relations, Political Sciences and European Affairs to History, Media Studies, and Interpreting.   

In the course of the simulation, participants debate two controversial, real-life legislative proposals drafted by the European Commission and simulate EU law-making by acting as Members of the European Parliament or Members of the Council of the European Union. The simulation, however, features even more roles for participants in order to enhance its realism. More specifically, participants can also act as: (1) Lobbyists, that work towards influencing the decision-making process in favour of the interests they represent; (2) Journalists, who, through press conferences and interviews, cover and analyse debates in a daily newspaper and video footage; and (3) Interpreters, offering professional interpreting services in the national languages of the EU using the special equipment provided by the European Parliament.

It goes without saying that MEU amounts to a unique learning process that focuses on the workings and dynamics of EU institutions when producing EU law. MEU is therefore an educational project that succeeds in giving participants the opportunity to develop their skills in EU law, debating and negotiations at an EU level and to understand the complexities of the EU in practice.

Consequently, MEU is distinguished by its educational value, academic excellence and professionalism that render it one of the most successful and prestigious simulations in the world. Moreover, by creating a truly European atmosphere in a purely European environment, MEU confirms each year its reputation as a contributor to the goal of European integration and to the emergence of a European identity.

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