The call for applications for Chairs for MEUS 2021 has officially concluded. Thank you for your applications! 


If you take on the role of a Chair at MEUS, you become a part of the Presidency of either the European Parliament or the Council of the European Union. As such, you preside over the activities and debates of the respective Institution and guide the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and Ministers through their daily agenda. During the debates, one of your main concerns is to ensure that the rules of procedure are applied correctly at all times, and you may ensure this by calling Participants to order if they defy them. You are entitled to give the floor to the next speaker on the speakers' list, to a Participant raising a motion or to anyone permitted to speak in the Institution.

Keeping in mind the daily agenda, you can alter Participants' speaking time for speeches, proceed to the next agenda item or enter into voting procedure. You are in charge of the speakers' list and presenting the submitted amendments with the support of a diligent team of Secretaries and Legal Officers. When it comes to voting, you declare the form in which the voting process will take place (i.e. by Participants raising their placards, voting electronically or by roll call), whether abstaining is allowed and whether a simple majority or an absolute majority is required for a vote to pass.

While the debate may become heated, you have to remain the master of the situation, interfering resolutely whenever a speech becomes offensive or if a speaker exceeds their allocated speaking time. This requires a high level of self-confidence and containment, since you are expected to stay neutral and refrain from making any political comments, even if you personally feel gravitated towards a certain political group.

MEUS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and no Participant has ever experienced their particular role in such a unique setting before. Because of this and how it might be challenging for some Participants to speak in front of such a large amount of people, you are required to encourage Participants to engage with the debate and try to equally distribute speaking time among them to the best of your abilities.

If you are a good team player, have a high level of self-confidence and, most importantly, are able to lead the debate with charisma and enthusiasm without putting yourself first, you are the right kind of person to apply as a Chair for MEUS!

Frequently Asked Questions for Call for Chairs

When and where will MEUS 2021 take place?

MEUS 2021 will take place across two consecutive weekends in the autumn of 2021, specifically between 24-26 September and 1-3 October. The 2021 edition of MEUS will take place exceptionally online and not in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.  

1. What are my tasks as a Chair at MEUS?

As a Chair, you will lead through the debates during the simulation week in either the European Parliament or the Council of the European Union. You should be fully present and fit for chairing throughout the week. Furthermore, you are tasked with fine-tuning the Rules of Procedure for the simulation prior to the conference along with preparing a workshop together with your co-Chairs on the Rules of Procedure and helping the Organising Team with preparations.

Additionally as a novelty feature for this edition of MEUS 2021, Chairs in the Council of the European Union will also take on Country roles, simulating the Council Presidency. This is done to increase the element of authenticity of the institution simulated.

2. What can I expect from the Organising Team experience ?

As a Chair, you will be asked to join the Organising Team after you have been selected. This means you will be able to meet the Team, interact with them, and have the chance to gather insight into the work of Model European Union Strasbourg.

You should also be ready to participate during the team activities and tasks, and help out when support is needed. You are also expected to be prompt and join the team calls that take place preceding the simulation. The total workload for Chairs in advance to the simulation will not exceed 4 hours a week.

3. What are the application criteria for Chairs?

A few criteria that should be met when you consider applying as a Chair at MEUS:

First and foremost, you should be a confident public speaker. You must be proficient in speaking English. Additionally, you must also be comfortable with or at least open to using platforms such as Zoom and Discord.

To apply as a Chair, it is mandatory to have chaired in other MEU simulations before. As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide one person as a reference for your chairing experience.

Furthermore, you must be sure that you can be present during the whole simulation week, be able to attend all of the necessary Mock Debates and training required for Chairs and at best, attend one Preparatory Meeting.

4. Are there any restrictions for applicants?

Generally, everyone is welcome to apply. However, there are a few restrictions:

First of all, prior to your application, you must not have chaired MEUS before. Furthermore, You must not be older than 30 years at the time of the simulation (September 2021).

5. What documents do I need to apply?

You will be asked to provide your CV and a motivation letter (no longer than one page). Furthermore, we will ask you for one reference from a previous chairing experience. This means, we will ask you to indicate the name and contact details of a team member of a simulation you chaired before, that is qualified to recommend you (either DG, Head of Content or something alike), so that we can contact them if we need more information about you.

5.1. I’m lost. What should I write in my motivation letter?

To start, we would love to hear your personal motivation to chair in MEU Strasbourg and why you specifically want to be a part of this edition. Do also tell us more about your previous chairing experiences and how this makes you a good candidate for the position. We know how exciting our project is - but how do you fit into it and what do you bring as a person? That’s what we want to know.

6. What are the evaluation points for the applications?

Applicants will be selected based on, but not limited to, the following points:

First, you will be assessed on how well prepared you are for your tasks. You should feel confident in the MEU procedures and schedules. You must have sufficient knowledge of the Rules of Procedure and be willing to put in the time and effort towards improving the set of Rules of Procedure to be used at the simulation,

Furthermore, you will be asked to indicate the name and contact details of a team member of a simulation you chaired before, that is qualified to recommend you (either DG, Head of Content or something alike).

Lastly, we will assess applications based on your self-description and motivation, in order to find matching chairing partners that we believe will be able to work together.

7. What does the application procedure look like?

After submitting your application, the team will assess your application and shortlist candidates that fulfil the criteria we pose, and if needed, get in touch with the reference person you indicated.

Afterwards, you will be invited to take part in a Zoom interview with the Chairs’ Coordinator or Chairs’ Coordinator assistant. Based on this interview, we will invite you to join the team. The application and selection process will take around 4 weeks. In case of any delays, we will notify you.

8. What are my chances to be selected?

Your chances for selection to Chair at MEUS mainly depend on three things:

Firstly, you are not likely to be selected if you don’t fulfil the application criteria we posed.

Secondly, we ask for a reference so that we can see how previous team members were working with you. This is not because we do not trust you, but because it can add depth and perspective to the picture we have of you. Do see it as a chance to show us what a suitable Chair you are. If the reference checks out, your chances to be selected will increase.

And lastly, the interview we conduct with you on Zoom, or on an alternate video calling platform, will serve us to get to know you better and to clarify a few practicalities.

We will try to map out your chairing preferences, your pet peeves and your chairing personality. This helps us in matching chairing partners so that you as a chair are able to not just chair effectively but also have an unforgettable chairing experience in MEU Strasbourg 2021. If you can convince us in all three steps, the chances to be selected are higher, however, also other factors may influence our decision, such as the volume of applications.