This section is dedicated to answering any questions you have about Model European Union Strasbourg 2023. Find below the most common questions we receive via email, including:

  1. The most common questions we receive about MEUS;
  2. The MEUS application process;
  3. The MEUS preparation phase for participants;
  4. The MEUS simulation itself;
  5. What happens after MEUS.

Make sure to look through the sections below to see if your question has already been answered! If you cannot find an answer for your question, feel free to email us at or contact us on social media and we will answer as soon as we can.

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When is the next edition of MEUS going to take place?

MEUS 2023 will take place from 25 November to 01 December 2023 in Strasbourg, France.

What are the age requirements to participate in MEUS?

We are looking for participants aged 18 to 30 years old. Do note that you must be within this age range at the time of the conference.

I have never attended a political simulation before. Can I apply for MEUS?

Of course! MEUS is open to everyone regardless of their previous experience of political simulations. In fact, we actively encourage and welcome applications from those who have no prior experience of simulations like MEUS.

Will there be interpreting services in this year's edition of MEUS?

Yes! Interpreting strikes to the heart of the experience of MEUS. The exact languages offered are dependent upon the interest and applications received during the application process but we have traditionally been able to accommodate 8+ languages spoken around Europe during our conference.

Does MEUS take place in the European Parliament?

Yes, MEUS 2022 was the first physical MEUS since 2019 and took place in Strasbourg, in the European Parliament building! MEUS 2023 will also have the opportunity of conducting debates in the European Parliament in Strasbourg!

What will be debated in this year's edition of MEUS?

The Regulation for the Net-Zero Industry Act and the Directive for SLAPP Suits. These two real-life legislative proposals tie into two prominent topics on the forefront of the European agenda.

I want to apply but can't afford the expenses, is there a way to fund my participation?

We offer MEUS Social Fund is aimed to support exceptional applicants with specific socio-economic or health difficulties that can make their participation in our conference more tedious in the absence of this need-based scholarship. This scholarship is aimed to provide some financial assistance for their participation fee, travel expenses and if applicable, Visa costs.

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MEUS Application

Can I apply for MEUS yet?

Applications for MEUS 2023 will be announced in summer. Stay tuned not to miss the dates!

Do I have to be a student to take part?

Not at all! It doesn’t matter what your current occupation or professional status is: you’re eligible to apply so long as you meet our other criteria and you have not attended a previous edition of MEUS.

What level of English is required to participate in MEUS?

To participate in MEUS 2023, a spoken equivalent to at least a B1 level of English is required. While interpreting services will be provided in a number of languages, English is the official language of our conference, preparatory material and workshops. We highly encourage non native English speakers to apply and use MEUS as an opportunity to improve their language skills, including English.

Do I need to provide proof of my English level?

No certificate or examination proof is required but we ask for at least a B1 level of spoken English.

Must I be an EU citizen in order to take part?

No, our conference is open to everyone from around the world wishing to learn more about the EU and its decision-making process. Your nationality and country of residence will have no impact on your application for MEUS.

I have already participated in MEUS before. Can I apply to participate again?

No. MEUS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and due to the sheer demand for places at our conference, participation is only permitted once at MEUS. The only exception to this is if you had been accepted as a participant for MEUS 2020 that was cancelled due to COVID-19. If you have participated in MEUS 2021 Online, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in MEUS 2023 too.

I have a disability / chronic health condition that may impact my participation in MEUS: Am I still able to apply for MEUS?

Of course! MEUS is open to everyone regardless of any disabilities or chronic health conditions they may have and we will strive to accommodate the needs of our participants. Previous editions of MEUS have seen participants take part with visual, hearing and physical impairments in addition to numerous learning disabilities and chronic health conditions. The application evaluation procedure does not take into account your disability / chronic health condition. If you are selected to participate in MEUS, our Participants' Coordinators will be in touch with you to discuss your individual needs and how we can support you as an organising team during the conference to guarantee your full participation in all aspects of MEUS.

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How does preparation for MEUS typically work and will I be helped?

Of course! If you have been selected to participate in MEUS, you will be contacted by our Participants Coordinator within weeks with further information and preparatory materials which include role allocation, content guides, logistics guides and more.

Will I be able to get in touch with other applicants before the conference?

Yes! Successful applicants for MEUS will be connected with each other prior to the conference to introduce themselves, get to know each other and prepare together.

How much time will I need to prepare for MEUS?

Our preparation period tends to last 3 weeks to 1 month. There is no need to begin preparation until this period and until you have had your participation in MEUS confirmed. The amount of time needed is entirely down to you, how much time you have available to you and how confident you feel with your role and the contents explored at MEUS.

I have little-to-no public speaking experience. Will you provide any assistance or training with public-speaking?

Yes! As part of the preparation period of MEUS, we strive to make you feel as comfortable and as confident as possible prior to participating in our conference. It is not uncommon for MEUS participants to have never debated before or not have any public experience. You're not alone, and we will hold a dedicated workshop on public speaking and provide you with a mock debate prior to beginning proper debate.

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Which roles are available at MEUS 2023?

The roles during MEUS 2023 will include: Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Minister of the Council of the EU (Minister), Interpreter, Interest Representative, Journalist and Photographer.

Will I get any free time during the conference?

Yes! Although the MEUS schedule is quite intense and we are limited by the European Parliament by how often we can enter and leave the building (for security reasons), participants tend to have at least one free afternoon/evening to enjoy the city!

Will we have breaks during the simulation?

Yes! There are daily lunch breaks to ensure that everyone has time to relax, eat and take a break from debates. Likewise, every day there tends to be ~2-3 coffee breaks during sessions to ensure that simulation hours are not excessive.

What happens if I am selected for MEUS but then I can no longer take part?

Please contact our Participants Coordination team as soon as possible! In such circumstances, an applicant on our waiting list will be contacted to replace you and it is vital that we know as soon as possible so that we can ensure that they have sufficient time to prepare.

How is the EU decision-making process simulated at MEUS?

MEUS simulates a modified version of the Ordinary Legislative Procedure of the EU. Through this modified version, two different topics are debated and amended in the Parliament and the Council. The amendments that pass in these chambers will be adopted into the working versions of the proposals and swapped with the two institutions. Now the Parliament will be discussing the proposal as amended by the Council and vice-versa. The process of debating and further amending the proposals commenced. Eventually, the final versions of the proposals as amended by both chambers are voted on. As with the regular Ordinary Legislative Procedure, it is necessary for the proposals to pass in both institutions before it is adopted into law.

Why do you have the role of Interest Representative at MEUS?

Interest representation plays an important role in the EU decision-making process. In order to achieve as realistic and immersive a simulation of EU institutions as possible, we believe that the role of Interest Representative is integral to our conference. Moreover, interest representatives are experts in their specific fields and have a wide array of interests and agendas; re-creating this at MEUS not only provides participants with a more realistic simulation, it also ensures that there are a wide-range of participants with expertise in specific areas of the topics debated to ensure that they can hear a wide range of opinions and perspectives on the contentious topics debated.

Do I get to choose who I represent if I take on the role of MEP, Minister or Interest Representative?

Nope! If selected as an MEP, Minister of the Council or Interest Representative, the MEUS Participant Coordinators’ Team will be responsible for deciding which role you take on (e.g. which political group or country you represent) and whose interests you must advocate for during the conference. We believe that being asked to think and argue from a different perspective and political ideology from that of our own (in most cases) is integral to gaining a deeper understanding of European politics, to learn how to approach different arguments on contentious issues and how to engage with difficult topics critically. Remember, MEUS is a simulation (!) and we're all doing our best in our own specific roles; no one will think that the arguments and positions you present are reflective of your own!

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Will you provide any recognition of my participation?

Of course! Presuming that you are selected to participate in MEUS and that you participate in at least 75% of simulation sessions, you will receive a certificate of participation during the closing ceremony of the conference.

Is there any way that I can give back to MEUS?

Of course! MEUS is entirely run by young students and professionals who volunteer their time week-in and week-out to make our wonderful conference happen. MEUS is therefore reliant upon the creation of a new team of dedicated organisers each year to ensure the sustainability of our project. If you enjoyed MEUS, the best thing you can give back to MEUS is becoming an MEUS Organiser as part of the next edition. Alternatively, if you happen to find yourself in a very sound financial place and wish to support MEUS financially, you can feel free to make a donation to our conference that will go towards our general budget.

Is anything required from me after participating in MEUS?

After the conclusion of MEUS, you will receive a feedback form in which you can share your thoughts and views on MEUS as an experience, including what you enjoyed most and where you feel things could improve. Your feedback would mean the world to us!

I really enjoyed MEUS! Can I take part again?

Unfortunately not. MEUS has a one-time policy to enable as many people as possible to take part and experience our conference. Nevertheless, MEUS is only one of multiple MEU conferences organised by Bringing Europeans Together France, so make sure to follow our social media page to find out more about our other conferences. Likewise, there are plenty of other conferences organised around Europe by our fellow BETA branches, so make sure to take a peek at the BETA Europe website and follow updates from conferences around Europe on their social media platforms!

How can I stay in touch with participants from MEUS?

We have a dedicated MEUS alumni LinkedIn group and a dedicated newsletter just for MEUS alumni. Once an edition of MEUS comes to a close, we send participants links to both and we highly encourage them to stay in the loop with everything MEUS-related! Alternatively, the best way of staying in touch is to join the next Organising Team of MEUS, with a large number of participants continuing with their MEUS adventure in the form of taking on the role of Organiser the year after their participation - please consider doing the same!

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