As a Journalist, you will be the scrutineer of the European Parliament and the Council. During the two-weekend-long simulation held online, you will have the opportunity to challenge MEPs and Ministers by pointing out their inconsistencies and manipulations; by asking them hard-hitting questions in heated press conferences; by conducting impromptu yet directed interviews to gain an informational competitive advantage; by investigating the inner workings and negotiations and, last but not least, actively supporting and defending Ministers and MEPs whose opinions reflect your agenda!

As a Journalist, you will constantly publish breaking news in real-time on our online designated platform. You will not only cover what happens in the hemicycles but also connect the outer world and the European Parliament by reporting on selected incidents from outside the EP, fed to you by knowledgeable informants. And you will be the one reporting the news in the form of a news feed incorporated into the conference for all participants to read!

Working as a close-knit team and making good use of our collective skill set, we will build journalism at MEUS to put it at the centre of debates. This role suits those who are already experienced in or have a keen interest in journalism. If you have a passion for the video-making process or journalism in general and you want to learn more about European politics, you might be the one!

You will be guided and supported from your application to the conference with preparatory meetings, materials and of course, dedicated Role Coordinators who can answer all of your questions.

Challenge yourself and experience journalism first-hand at MEUS!

The EU´s institutions form a highly complex system which gains transparancy through the constant reporting of the media. Each EU institution has several press officers who answer journalists´ questions. Although the Council´s spokespeople tend not to speak "on the record" in front of the media, MEPs are usually eager to do so as it provides them with valuable exposure among their constituents. In order to obtain permanent accreditation to the Parliament and Council, journalists need to prove their professional status and have Brussels registered as their main or secondary residence.