The goal of Model European Union Strasbourg is to facilitate an inclusive learning experience for youth that simulates EU decision-making and fosters personal and professional growth.

We firmly believe in the importance of inclusive conferences for youth that ensure that young people of all backgrounds and ways of life may experience the EU decision-making process first-hand. Far more than a simulation of EU institutions, MEUS strives to provide youth with a platform to learn, express themselves and apply their skills in an immersive environment that replicates the challenges, complexities and thrills of European politics.

99%of Participants at MEUS 2019 stated that they enjoyed MEUS and would recommend the experience to someone else. (Feedback received from 118 Participants).


Model European Union Strasbourg believes in a European Union that celebrates diversity, fosters European identity and empowers youth to become more engaged, active citizens in their communities.

Through attending MEUS, our Participants gain a deeper understanding of the relevance and importance of EU institutions in their daily lives. In the spirit of the EU, one of our primary goals is to attract Participants from around Europe (and beyond) so that they may build intercultural bridges, celebrate their diversity and, whilst learning about prominent issues on the European agenda, grasp that they have far more in common than they might first realise. By requiring that Participants collaborate with one another and find compromises to succeed, MEUS highlights the importance of meaningful dialogue and active citizenship in Europe, empowering our Participants to build upon their experience in Strasbourg to apply the knowledge, skills and connections they have gained to the benefit of their local, regional and national communities.  

94%of MEUS 2019 Participants stated that MEUS increased their knowledge about EU decision-making and European affairs. (Feedback received from 118 Participants).