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Here you can find the transcripts for each podcast episode

Episode 1: Introduction

Hosts: Mirna Ashri & Elaena Shipp

Episode 2: Journalism at MEUS

Host: Elaena Shipp

Guest: Annika Sinner /journalist/

Episode 3: Photography at MEUS

Host: Mirna Ashri

Guest: Diana Ter-Zakaryan /photographers’ coordinator at MEUS2023/

Episode 4: The role of Interpreters

Host: Mirna Ashri

Guest: Petra Badalec /interpreter at MEUS2022/

Episode 5: Interest representation and

lobbying in the European Union

Host: Elaena Shipp

Guest: Giorgio Corbetta /public and regulatory affairs strategist/

Episode 6: MEPs and Ministers

Host: Mirna

Guests: Radka Studnickova /MEP at MEUS2022/

& Richard Breevart /minister at MEUS2022/

Episode 7: Insights from an MEP 1

Host: Mirna

Guest: Tiemo Wölken /MEP, S&D party/

Episode 8: Insights from an MEP 2

Host: Mirna

Guest: Niklas Nienaß /MEP, The Greens/EFA/ party/

Episode 9: Chairing at MEUS

Host: Elaena

Guests: Max Magnée, Marta Vojvodic, Alen Milakovic /chairs at MEUS2023/

Episode 10: How to Debate

Host: Elaena

Guests: Johanna Stauder, Finlay Hassett /chairs at MEUS2022/

Episode 11: Outro

Hosts: Mirna & Elaena

Guest: Radka Studnickova /MEP at MEUS2022/

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