The European People's Party Group in the European Parliament kindly provides financial support for MEUS 2020.

The GUE/NGL Parliamentary Group kindly supports MEUS 2020 financially.

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group kindly provides financial support for MEUS 2020.

BETA Europe has been our partner since the beginning of MEUS in 2007.

INTRASOFT International gave a workshop for our organisers at our second Preparatory Meeting. In 2019, the company sponsored parts of the conference.

Scrivito offers us their serverless content management system to host this website completely for free.

SPD Berlin has been a supporter of MEUS since 2018, offering their location in the German capital for several of our Organising Team's Preparatory Meetings for free.

Alliance 90 / The Greens supported our Preparatory Meeting in Berlin, offering their party facilities in the German capital for the organisers' encouter for free.

Konstantin Kuhle, MP for the german FDP, supported our Preperatory Meeting in Berlin, helping to organise a venue for the organisers to meet.  

Europa Park kindly provided free entry tickets for their theme park to MEUS 2020.

The Central European University invited us to hold our second Preparatory Meeting on their campus in Budapest for free.

EUROsimA is a simulation of the European Union taking place in Ankara annualy. Through a PR partnership we mutually advert both political conferences.

International Exchange Erasmus Student Network offered their offices in Brussels for a Preparatory Meeting of the MEUS Organising Team for free.

Pi Gençlik Derneği is one of our PR partners.



Making MEUS happen is expensive and we are only able to afford it thanks to external donations. Even though we try to minimize our expenses, a single participant costs us at least 400€, which cover accommodation, food, and public transport. Yet, we keep the participation fee far below half of this amount, so that more young people have the chance to participate in our project regardless of their financial situation. Additionally, we invite exceptional applicants who would not be able to afford the costs otherwise through a need-based scholarship that covers their participation fee, travel expenses and, if applicable, visa costs. In short, we need your support to keep MEUS accessible and open to everyone!



MEUS serves as a platform for organisations and participants to engage with one another. Supporting MEUS is an opportunity to reach hundreds of well-educated and motivated students and young professionals across Europe and beyond. You will definitely have the chance to find talented individuals among our participants, who could contribute to your projects in the future or become a part of your organisation.


All our supporters are added to our website, which is visited by thousands of young people each year during the application period. Furthermore, your logo will be included in our conference guide, which contains important information about the conference and is read by all participants at the beginning of the simulation. Lastly, you will be regularly featured as a supporter on our social media pages. Our far-reaching network attracts a large number of interested and engaged users and includes over 16 thousand followers on Facebook. You can find some examples of our social media work at the end of this booklet.


MEUS teaches young people about how the European Union works and combats political disillusionment for first-time voters helping them become champions of European democracy. By facilitating well-balanced debates, we engage people from all parts of the political spectrum and demonstrate that the answers to today’s challenges lie in the democratic process. Supporting MEUS means empowering political education in Europe and strengthening a civil society that thrives on facts instead of being drowned by fear.

We are proud of the endorsements we received in the past from leaders, such as Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy, along with more than 40 MEPs from various countries and political groups. This is what some of them have to say about MEUS:


“As you participate in this conference, whether you are a Minister, an MEP, a Journalist, Lobbyist or Interpreter, I trust that this week will increase your knowledge about the European institutions and how demanding it can be to find common solutions to Europe’s issues.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, former President of the European Commission