MEUS 2021 is an immersive, inclusive and engaging simulation of the European legislative process. Over the course of two weekends, participants will debate two real-life EU legislative proposals online and experience the most realistic simulation of EU decision-making on the continent.


Each of our participants chooses one of 5 roles: they can practice their public speaking skills as Members of the European Parliament or Ministers in the Council of the European Union, they can develop their negotiation and writing skills as Interest Representatives, create news articles as Journalists or apply their language skills as Interpreters. Every role plays an integral part in our simulation and come together to contribute to the high-quality debate of real EU legislative proposals for which MEUS is known.


This is all made possible by our experienced organising team, consisting of dozens of young professionals and students from around Europe and beyond. Each member of the team has expertise in a certain area and, together, we are passionate about creating a unique learning experience of the European Union which is educational, social and above all, fun!



"If you want to have a feel of what real politics are like, then you can't miss MEUS! Nothing compares in size, professionalism...and fun! You'll delve into a world of verbal fights, journalistic scandals, strategic thinking...but also of teamwork and negotiation! Your efforts at MEUS will be rewarded with professionalizing experience and especially a long-lasting network of other EU enthusiasts...who you'll certainly meet again!"

Agata Hidalgo, participated in MEUS 2018 as an MEP and recently graduated with a degree in law


Besides the conference sessions, the week long programme holds ready many activities in Strasbourg, where participants get to know each other and explore the city and it´s history. At the end of the week they will be left with many impressions and memorabel moments.

Learn more about the programme in Strasbourg