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7 - 12 November 2022

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Model European Union Strasbourg 2022 ended successfully! Thanks to all of you, participants and organisers, for making MEUS 2022 a wonderful experience! Stay tuned for the next edition's open call for organisers!

A BETA France Project

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MEUS 2022 is an immersive, inclusive and engaging simulation of the European legislative process. Over the course of one week in Strasbourg, participants will debate two real-life EU legislative proposals online and experience the most realistic simulation of EU decision-making on the continent.

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Applicants can choose between one of our 6 roles. Every role plays an integral part in our simulation and come together to contribute to the high-quality debate of working EU legislative proposals for which MEUS is known for.

Find out more about the roles we have here!

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This is all made possible by our experienced organising team, consisting of dozens of young professionals and students from around Europe and beyond. We are passionate about creating a unique learning experience of the European Union which is educational, social and above all, fun!

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Despite the long term benefits and opportunities brought by EU climate policies, there is immense pressure on vulnerable households, micro-enterprises and transport users in the short run. This regulation by the European Commission aims to protect vulnerable people from the changes brought by energy transition within the EU. The Social Climate Fund is meant to support low-income households — an element especially important for countries in Eastern and Southern Europe, where energy poverty rates are high.

The members of the European Parliament and Ministers of the Council debate two topics and working proposals of the European Commission.

One topic is on the European Green Deal, while the other is on Digital Europe. These two real-life legislative proposals tie into two prominent topics on the forefront of the European agenda.

It is essential for participants to familiarise themselves with the topics and preparatory material ahead of the conference week.

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Digital labour platforms create opportunities for businesses, workers and self-employed, as well as better access to consumer services. However, there is growing difficulty to correctly classify the employment status of people, leading to inadequate labour rights and social protection in these cases. This Directive will ensure that people working through digital labour platforms can enjoy the labour rights and social benefits they are entitled to. They will also receive increased protection on the use of automated algorithmic management that support or replace managerial functions at work.

With these two topics at the heart of MEUS 2022, participants are in for hours of tricky debate surrounding two contentious proposals bound to create excitement and stir controversy!

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Since MEUS is a simulation of the decision-making process of the European Union, the Ordinary Legislative Procedure is the basis of the format behind our conference. In the real-world, the process of decision-making is far more tedious and takes months and sometimes years to accomplish.

However, in order to make the simulation as realistic as possible in our shorter time span and to ensure that participants learn sufficiently about the Ordinary Legislative Procedure of the European Union, we adopt a Modified Legislative Procedure. This Modified Legislative Procedure allows us to capture as many key-elements behind decision-making in the European Parliament and Council of the EU as possible.

Sounds confusing and complex?

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Our content team made up of Commissioners, Legal and Political Advisors and preparatory material are there to help you! Afterall, our simulation is also targeted towards young people from all walks of life even if you have no prior experience or introduction to European politics.

Our goal is to breakdown the complexity behind the entire process so that the information and subsequent participation is accessible to everyone.


As fundamental and irreplaceable the simulation of the European Union in the European Parliament is to MEUS, downtime in the evenings is just as important to making MEUS the unique experience that is and letting participants enjoy their experience to the fullest. For these reasons, our Strasbourg Logistics Officers arrange a series of social events and activities every year in and around the city that complement the conference's schedule to provide participants with plenty of chances to relax, spend time with their new friends and enjoy everything that Strasbourg has to offer. The social activities are an integral part of our conference and they put the cherry on top of participants' once in a lifetime week in Strasbourg.


MEPs represent their countries as well as their political group during the debates in the European Parliament. You will be assigned to one of the eight political groups, but you will have to find allies in other groups as you try to push through your amendments – while at the same time working with the Ministers in the Council. You will have a direct impact on the proposals passed and if you work hard enough, you could even draft the most significant amendments that make or break the law!


In the Council of the European Union, Ministers from each Member State meet to debate the proposals as presented by the European Commission. Your primary focus as a Minister is to defend the interests of your country and the national government you are part of while cooperating and compromising with your colleagues despite competing interests and values. This can be particularly tricky as voting in the Council is based on qualified majorities, considering not only the number of countries voting, but also the number of citizens of each country. Simultaneously, you must avoid conflicts with the MEPs to make sure the proposals also reach the majority in the Parliament.


Journalists are a vital part of any political landscape – even if it’s a simulated one. As an MEUS Journalist, you’ll have the opportunity to capture different moments throughout the simulation and then present them according to your role, publishing breaking news in real-time and reporting on the conference in your own preferred way. It is thanks to Journalists that all participants can always keep track of all decisions during the extremely fast-paced sessions. You will also be working closely with Photographers who will help you add visual excellence to articles you will be curating on proceedings in the conference.


Interest Representatives give lawmakers an understanding of their actions’ impact on the outer world and on the daily life of over 500 millions European citizens. Although often criticised for their influence on the European Union’s legislative process, your actions derive from this simple reality: decisions taken at the European level have a large effect on our daily lives, economies, jobs, environment, income and social protections. As an Interest Representative, you will be an expert on one of the topics debated at MEUS and it will be your responsibility to ensure that the politicians you work with are able to retain an overview of everything at stake during the simulation. By putting your knowledge at their service, you have the unique opportunity to influence the way the legislation is forged and thus guide how it will impact the group and interests you represent.


Interpreters play a pivotal role at MEUS: they interpret speeches, debates, meetings with Interest Representatives and press conferences, both from English into their mother tongue and vice versa (providing relay interpreting for the other booths), thus ensuring communication among other participants is smooth. Although all participants are expected to be able to communicate in English, Interpreters make the conference more realistic, dynamic and inclusive. Interpreters work mainly in the simultaneous mode, but they also have the chance to try their hand at consecutive interpreting and chuchotage (whispered interpreting), getting the opportunity to hone a variety of interpreting skills in a real-life working environment that provides the best conditions for an excellent interpreting practice.


As a Photographer you will capture moments of the debate, being the visual storyteller who illustrates what is going on. This will help you to get a grasp of the topics, the people debating these topics and the emotions fueling these debates, making your tasks as a Photographer reach greater depths especially in an intense setting. You will have to pick the best photos, edit them and endue them with our watermark for the MEUS album, released online after the Conference. This demands your willingness to keep up the work even after the Conference has come to an end. But just as for all other Participants, the results of your hard work will be rewarding and lasting for yourself too.

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MEUS is supported by a wealth of individuals, organisations, universities, institutions, and prominent European leaders. Our nearly 100 partners from over 50 countries provide us with know-how, exposure, and donations. Get in touch with us if you would like to join this network.

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Making MEUS happen is expensive and we are only able to afford it thanks to external donations. Even though we try to minimize our expenses, a single participant costs us at least 400€, which cover accommodation, food, and public transport. Yet, we keep the participation fee far below half of this amount, so that more young people have the chance to participate in our project regardless of their financial situation. Additionally, we invite exceptional applicants who would not be able to afford the costs otherwise through a need-based scholarship that covers their participation fee, travel expenses and, if applicable, visa costs. In short, we need your support to keep MEUS accessible and open to everyone!



MEUS serves as a platform for organisations and participants to engage with one another. Supporting MEUS is an opportunity to reach hundreds of well-educated and motivated students and young professionals across Europe and beyond. You will definitely have the chance to find talented individuals among our participants, who could contribute to your projects in the future or become a part of your organisation.


All our supporters are added to our website, which is visited by thousands of young people each year during the application period. Furthermore, your logo will be included in our conference guide, which contains important information about the conference and is read by all participants at the beginning of the simulation. Lastly, you will be regularly featured as a supporter on our social media pages. Our far-reaching network attracts a large number of interested and engaged users and includes over 16 thousand followers on Facebook. You can find some examples of our social media work at the end of this booklet.


MEUS teaches young people about how the European Union works and combats political disillusionment for first-time voters helping them become champions of European democracy. By facilitating well-balanced debates, we engage people from all parts of the political spectrum and demonstrate that the answers to today’s challenges lie in the democratic process. Supporting MEUS means empowering political education in Europe and strengthening a civil society that thrives on facts instead of being drowned by fear.

This section is dedicated to answering any questions you have about Model European Union Strasbourg 2022. Find below the most common questions we receive via email, including:

  1. The most common questions we receive about MEUS;
  2. The MEUS application process;
  3. The MEUS preparation phase for participants;
  4. The MEUS simulation itself;
  5. What happens after MEUS.

Make sure to look through the questions below to see if your question has already been answered! If you cannot find an answer for your question, feel free to email us at info@meu-strasbourg.org and we will answer as soon as we can.

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When is the next edition of MEUS going to take place?

MEUS 2022 took place from 7 to 12 November 2022 in Strasbourg, France. Stay tuned for our next edition!

What are the age requirements to participate in MEUS?

We are looking for participants aged 18 to 30 years old. Do note that you must be within this age range at the time of the conference.

I have never attended a political simulation before. Can I apply for MEUS?

Of course! MEUS is open to everyone regardless of their previous experience of political simulations. In fact, we actively encourage and welcome applications from those who have no prior experience of simulations like MEUS.

Were there interpreting services in this year's edition of MEUS?

Yes! Interpreting strikes to the heart of the experience of MEUS. The exact languages offered are dependent upon the interest and applications received during the application process but we have traditionally been able to accommodate 8+ languages spoken around Europe during our conference.

What was being debated in this year's edition of MEUS?

The Regulation for the Social Climate Fund and the Directive for Improving working conditions for online platform work. These two real-life legislative proposals tie into two prominent topics on the forefront of the European agenda.

Did MEUS take place in the European Parliament?

Yes, MEUS 2022 was the first physical MEUS since 2019 and took place in Strasbourg, in the European Parliament building!

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Can I apply for MEUS yet?

Applications for MEUS 2022 are closed. Thank you for applying! Results are already announced. Stay tuned for our next edition!

Do I have to be a student to take part?

Not at all! It doesn’t matter what your current occupation or professional status is: you’re eligible to apply so long as you meet our other criteria and you have not attended a previous edition of MEUS.

What level of English is required to participate in MEUS?

To participate in MEUS 2022, a spoken equivalent to at least a B1 level of English is required. While interpreting services will be provided in a number of languages, English is the official language of our conference, preparatory material and workshops. We highly encourage non native English speakers to apply and use MEUS as an opportunity to improve their language skills, including English.

Do I need to provide proof of my English level?

No certificate or examination proof is required but we ask for at least a B1 level of spoken English.

Must I be an EU citizen in order to take part?

No, our conference is open to everyone from around the world wishing to learn more about the EU and its decision-making process. Your nationality and country of residence will have no impact on your application for MEUS.

I have already participated in MEUS before. Can I apply to participate again?

No. MEUS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and due to the sheer demand for places at our conference, participation is only permitted once at MEUS. The only exception to this is if you had been accepted as a participant for MEUS 2020 that was cancelled due to COVID-19. If you have participated in MEUS 2021 Online, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in MEUS 2022.

I have a disability / chronic health condition that may impact my participation in MEUS: Am I still able to apply for MEUS?

Of course! MEUS is open to everyone regardless of any disabilities or chronic health conditions they may have and we will strive to accommodate the needs of our participants. Previous editions of MEUS have seen participants take part with visual, hearing and physical impairments in addition to numerous learning disabilities and chronic health conditions. The application evaluation procedure does not take into account your disability / chronic health condition. If you are selected to participate in MEUS, our Participants' Coordinators will be in touch with you to discuss your individual needs and how we can support you as an organising team during the conference to guarantee your full participation in all aspects of MEUS.

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How does preparation for MEUS typically work and will I be helped?

Of course! If you have been selected to participate in MEUS, you will be contacted by our Participants Coordinator within weeks with further information and preparatory materials which include role allocation, content guides, logistics guides and more.

Will I be able to get in touch with other applicants before the conference?

Yes! Successful applicants for MEUS will be connected with each other prior to the conference to introduce themselves, get to know each other and prepare together.

How much time will I need to prepare for MEUS?

Our preparation period tends to last 3 weeks to 1 month. There is no need to begin preparation until this period and until you have had your participation in MEUS confirmed. The amount of time needed is entirely down to you, how much time you have available to you and how confident you feel with your role and the contents explored at MEUS.

I have little-to-no public speaking experience. Will you provide any assistance or training with public-speaking?

Yes! As part of the preparation period of MEUS, we strive to make you feel as comfortable and as confident as possible prior to participating in our conference. It is not uncommon for MEUS participants to have never debated before or not have any public experience. You're not alone, and we will hold a dedicated workshop on public speaking and provide you with a mock debate prior to beginning proper debate.

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Which roles were available at MEUS 2022?

The roles during MEUS 2022 consisted of: Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Minister of the Council of the EU (Minister), Interpreter, Interest Representative, Journalist and Photographer.

Will I get any free time during the conference?

Yes! Although the MEUS schedule is quite intense and we are limited by the European Parliament by how often we can enter and leave the building (for security reasons), participants tend to have at least one free afternoon/evening to enjoy the city!

Will we have breaks during the simulation?

Yes! There are daily lunch breaks to ensure that everyone has time to relax, eat and take a break from debates. Likewise, every day there tends to be ~2-3 coffee breaks during sessions to ensure that simulation hours are not excessive.

What happens if I am selected for MEUS but then I can no longer take part?

Please contact our Participants Coordination team as soon as possible! In such circumstances, an applicant on our waiting list will be contacted to replace you and it is vital that we know as soon as possible so that we can ensure that they have sufficient time to prepare.

How is the EU decision-making process simulated at MEUS?

MEUS simulates a modified version of the Ordinary Legislative Procedure of the EU. Through this modified version, two different topics are debated and amended in the Parliament and the Council. The amendments that pass in these chambers will be adopted into the working versions of the proposals and swapped with the two institutions. Now the Parliament will be discussing the proposal as amended by the Council and vice-versa. The process of debating and further amending the proposals commenced. Eventually, the final versions of the proposals as amended by both chambers are voted on. As with the regular Ordinary Legislative Procedure, it is necessary for the proposals to pass in both institutions before it is adopted into law.

Why do you have the role of Interest Representative at MEUS?

Interest representation plays an important role in the EU decision-making process. In order to achieve as realistic and immersive a simulation of EU institutions as possible, we believe that the role of Interest Representative is integral to our conference. Moreover, interest representatives are experts in their specific fields and have a wide array of interests and agendas; re-creating this at MEUS not only provides participants with a more realistic simulation, it also ensures that there are a wide-range of participants with expertise in specific areas of the topics debated to ensure that they can hear a wide range of opinions and perspectives on the contentious topics debated.

Do I get to choose who I represent if I take on the role of MEP, Minister or Interest Representative?

Nope! If selected as an MEP, Minister of the Council or Interest Representative, the MEUS Participant Coordinators’ Team will be responsible for deciding which role you take on (e.g. which political group or country you represent) and whose interests you must advocate for during the conference. We believe that being asked to think and argue from a different perspective and political ideology from that of our own (in most cases) is integral to gaining a deeper understanding of European politics, to learn how to approach different arguments on contentious issues and how to engage with difficult topics critically. Remember, MEUS is a simulation (!) and we're all doing our best in our own specific roles; no one will think that the arguments and positions you present are reflective of your own!

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Will you provide any recognition of my participation?

Of course! Presuming that you are selected to participate in MEUS and that you participate in at least 75% of simulation sessions, you will receive a certificate of participation during the closing ceremony of the conference.

Is there any way that I can give back to MEUS?

Of course! MEUS is entirely run by young students and professionals who volunteer their time week-in and week-out to make our wonderful conference happen. MEUS is therefore reliant upon the creation of a new team of dedicated organisers each year to ensure the sustainability of our project. If you enjoyed MEUS, the best thing you can give back to MEUS is becoming an MEUS Organiser as part of the next edition. Alternatively, if you happen to find yourself in a very sound financial place and wish to support MEUS financially, you can feel free to make a donation to our conference that will go towards our general budget.

Is anything required from me after participating in MEUS?

After the conclusion of MEUS, you will receive a feedback form in which you can share your thoughts and views on MEUS as an experience, including what you enjoyed most and where you feel things could improve. Your feedback would mean the world to us!

I really enjoyed MEUS! Can I take part again?

Unfortunately not. MEUS has a one-time policy to enable as many people as possible to take part and experience our conference. Nevertheless, MEUS is only one of multiple MEU conferences organised by Bringing Europeans Together France, so make sure to follow our social media page to find out more about our other conferences. Likewise, there are plenty of other conferences organised around Europe by our fellow BETA branches, so make sure to take a peek at the BETA Europe website and follow updates from conferences around Europe on their social media platforms!

How can I stay in touch with participants from MEUS?

We have a dedicated MEUS alumni LinkedIn group and a dedicated newsletter just for MEUS alumni. Once an edition of MEUS comes to a close, we send participants links to both and we highly encourage them to stay in the loop with everything MEUS-related! Alternatively, the best way of staying in touch is to join the next Organising Team of MEUS, with a large number of participants continuing with their MEUS adventure in the form of taking on the role of Organiser the year after their participation - please consider doing the same!

Our Mission

The goal of Model European Union Strasbourg is to facilitate an inclusive learning experience for youth that simulates EU decision-making and fosters personal and professional growth.

We believe in the importance of inclusive conferences for youth that ensure that young people of all backgrounds and ways of life may experience the EU decision-making process first-hand. MEUS strives to provide youth with a platform to learn, express themselves and apply their skills in an immersive environment that replicates the challenges, complexities and thrills of European politics.

of Participants at MEUS 2019 stated that they enjoyed MEUS and would recommend the experience to someone else. (Feedback received from 118 Participants).


Our Vision

Model European Union Strasbourg believes in a European Union that celebrates diversity, fosters European identity and empowers youth to become more engaged, active citizens in their communities.

Through attending MEUS, our Participants gain a deeper understanding of the relevance and importance of EU institutions in their daily lives. In the spirit of the EU, one of our primary goals is to attract Participants from around Europe (and beyond) so that they may build intercultural bridges, celebrate their diversity and, whilst learning about prominent issues on the European agenda, grasp that they have far more in common than they might first realise.

By requiring that Participants collaborate with one another and find compromises to succeed, MEUS highlights the importance of meaningful dialogue and active citizenship in Europe, empowering our Participants to build upon their experience in Strasbourg to apply the knowledge, skills and connections they have gained to the benefit of their local, regional and national communities.

of MEUS 2019 Participants stated that MEUS increased their knowledge about EU decision-making and European affairs. (Feedback received from 118 Participants).


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What Former Participants Say

"If you want to have a feel of what real politics are like, then you can't miss MEUS! Nothing compares in size, professionalism...and fun! You'll delve into a world of verbal fights, journalistic scandals, strategic thinking...but also of teamwork and negotiation! Your efforts at MEUS will be rewarded with professionalizing experience and especially a long-lasting network of other EU enthusiasts...who you'll certainly meet again!"

Agata Hidalgo

Law Graduate, participated in MEUS 2018 as a mep

In 2018 I was checking myself in at the airport, excited and ready for a sleepless week ahead, when I was told that, due to an administrative issue, I will not be able to travel to Strasbourg. I was shattered and above all, worried about how everything would turn out. Well, it turned out to be the best edition yet! That is what happens when a motivated team of young people who are in love with an idea support each other to overcome any obstacle!


participated as an Interest Representative in MEUS 2016 and Participants Coordinator for MEUS 2018

Frantic preparations, strong motivation and a team to die for. That’s what comes to mind when thinking of MEUS. After two years in the team, I’ve experienced at first-hand that team work does wonders – there is nothing more powerful than people who share the same vision and passion for a project.

Artemis Sakorafa

participated in MEUS 2019 as an Interpreter, MEUS 2020 and MEUS 2021 as an Interpreters' Coordinator

If you participate in MEUS, not only will you experience a fantastic week in Strasbourg with 150 other young people from across Europe and beyond, you will also be delving into a world with unique developmental, social and professional opportunities for the short, medium and long term.


participated in MEUS 2014 and is now a Parliamentary Assistant at the Houses of Parliament in Ireland

In a nutshell: MEUS changed my life. I'd never done any public-speaking outside of language classes before, I didn't think I was capable of debating legal documents and I sure didn't think I'd be comfortable wearing a suit for the first time in my life. MEUS 2018 ended up teaching me so much, providing me friendships to cherish and inspiring me to study European affairs and continue being part of the MEUS family for 3 years afterwards. I can't recommend the experience enough: it changed my life, maybe it'll change yours too?

Rhys Nugent

participated as an MEP in MEUS 2018, Political Advisor (2019), Participants' Coordinator (2020), Director General of MEUS 2021

Back in January 2018 I first noticed a call for applications for MEU Strasbourg. Being rather skeptical about how my medical background could match with the announced legislative debate, I decided to apply few days before the deadline would expire. The decision proved to be wise. I spent a very fruitful week in Strasbourg meeting amazing people, some of whom remain my friends until today. Last but not least, MEUS 2018 was my incentive to join the Organising Team of MEU Athens 2019. To be continued!

Christos tSAGKARIS

Medical graduate, scientific assistant, participated in MEUS 2018 as MEP

MEUS is all about being motivated and eager to share some of the most unexpected experiences within a group of ingenious and charismatic young people, while participating in a unique project embodying the ideal of living united in diversity. MEUS is, also, about all the wow-moments you live during the event. After five years of being related to this project and its people, I urge you to seek for any opportunity available to participate in it.

ANASTASIOS KARAMEROS participated in MEUS 2016 as an MEP

Any MEUS participant or organiser will tell you that MEUS changes lives, even if it’s in little ways: new friends, new confidence in your public speaking, new career dreams. I can only recommend the experience!

Andrea Nieto Wiśniewska

participated in MEUS 2017 as an Interpreter, MEUS 2019 and MEUS 2020 as an Interpreters Coordinator and MEUS 2021 as Organisers' Coordinator

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Model European Union Strasbourg is only made possible thanks to our dedicated Organising Team of volunteers, consisting of more than 40 young students and professionals from around Europe (and beyond) who dedicate hours of their weekly free time towards making a truly life-changing experience of European politics in the form of MEUS. Each of our Organisers bring their own skills and fields of expertise and take on dedicated roles and responsibilities to help make MEUS happen.























mathias quickert

interest representatives coordinator

diana ter-zakaryan

media and photographers coordinator

kasia mlynarczyk

interpreters coordinator

nadia paiva

interpreters coordinator

elena dominguez hernando

interpreters coordinator

emilia andrejczuk

journalists coordinator

martyna wierzbicka

journalists coordinator

Finlay hassett

chairs coordinator

michal vosinek

president - council of the eu

elaena shipp

secretary general - council of the eu

frank cornelisse

president - european parliament


johanna stauder

vice-president - european parliaement









alicia serrano sanchez

strasbourg logistics officer

sofia matikova

strasbourg logistics officer













Vlada Sanduleac

Social media manager

Lisa Menetrier

Social Media manager

Debanwita karabaczek

Social Media & Partnerships Manager



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