The goal of Model European Union Strasbourg is to facilitate an inclusive learning experience for youth that simulates EU decision-making and fosters personal and professional growth.

Model European Union Strasbourg (MEUS) is a week-long youth conference simulating EU decision-making that has traditionally taken place since in the European Parliament in Strasbourg for approximately 200 young people each year since 2007*. In addition to the support of our partners and sponsors, MEUS is made possible thanks to our dedicated international Organising Team of more than 50 young students and professionals who volunteer their free time and seek to give back to a conference that has changed so many of our lives.

We firmly believe in the importance of inclusive conferences for youth that ensure that young people of all backgrounds and ways of life may experience the EU decision-making process first-hand. Far more than a simulation of EU institutions, MEUS strives to provide youth with a platform to learn, express themselves and apply their skills in an immersive environment that replicates the challenges, complexities and thrills of European politics.

*Exceptionally, the 2021 edition of MEUS will take place online between 24-26 September and 2-3 October and will not take place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


MEUS is lucky to be supported by a wealth of individuals and organisations without whom our conference simply would not be possible. 

Support for MEUS ranges from knowledge sharing and providing logistical aid to direct financial support.

MEUS bank account details for direct donations:

1. French Bank Account

 IBAN: FR76 3000 3023 6900 0500 8118 355                                                                               BIC: SOGEFRPP                                                                                                                         Bank: Société Générale

2. International Bank Account

 IBAN: FR 7625 7330 0001 0000 0004 82202                                                                             BIC: PSSSFR22XXX                                                                                                                   Bank: Anytime

MEUS 2020 Organisers at a team preparatory meeting in Berlin


The 14th edition of MEUS was organised by a team of 51 enthusiastic young volunteers from 35 countries, who are all part of the French branch of Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA). From organising the week-long conference in the premises of the real European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, to the immersive social events in the multicultural city that has been hosting us since our first edition in 2007, the Team is constantly working hard to uphold MEUS’ reputation as the most authentic and innovative simulation of European politics.


Any MEUS participant or organiser will tell you that MEUS changes lives, even if it’s in little ways: new friends, new confidence in your public speaking, new career dreams. On top of that, during my time as a MEUS organiser, I recovered my long-lost faith in team work: it can, and does, go well! The MEUS team is driven, focused and just as passionate about organising a mind-blowing conference as about having fun together in any European city. You won’t ever regret joining this supportive, creative and, let’s be honest, slightly eccentric bunch.

Andrea Nieto Wiśniewska (MEUS 2017 Participant; MEUS 2019, 2020 Organiser)


The opportunity for a hands-on experience of EU decision-making is one that doesn’t offer itself often in many citizens' lives. BETA France exists to change that and to engage people of all ages with the EU. Patroning MEU Strasbourg and MEU Paris, BETA France empowers hundreds of young Europeans each year to learn more about European politics and EU institutions in a unique and immersive way.

Bringing Europeans Together Association France is a national branch of the federal umbrella association BETA Europe. The politically independent, non-profit youth organisation has over 500 members from all over Europe and beyond. Members of BETA strive to support and provide more opportunities for young people via events such as Model European Union and a host of different intercultural exchanges to contribute to the cultivation of the most engaged, active and aware generation of European citizens thus far. 


MEUS has a long-standing record of bringing Europeans together and closer to the EU’s institutions. In her welcome letter, 2018 Participants Coordinator Ksenija – a young woman from Montenegro – described her transformation from a “harsh Eurosceptic” into an active European volunteer. After attending the conference in 2016, she went from dismissing the motto “united in diversity” as a phony slogan to realising that “young Europeans surely live by it”. MEUS hosts roughly 200 people every year and has this effect on many of them, making it much more than just a simulation game.

Collecting participants’ feedback has given us an idea of the scale of our positive impact. According to this data, the 2018 edition increased the knowledge of 99% of attendees about EU decision-making and made 92% of them more interested in this topic. 75% even agreed that experiencing politics in the European Parliament in Strasbourg made them more enthusiastic about the European Union. And 99% of the respondents would recommend MEUS to someone else.

Each year, MEUS alumni leave our conference more convinced of the importance of their own vote and civic engagement, oftentimes ready to replicate the simulation in their own countries. Since its inaugural edition in 2006, MEUS has inspired the creation of around 20 similar simulations across Europe and beyond.