Our Mission

The goal of Model European Union Strasbourg is to facilitate an inclusive learning experience for youth that simulates EU decision-making and fosters personal and professional growth.

We believe in the importance of inclusive conferences for youth that ensure that young people of all backgrounds and ways of life may experience the EU decision-making process first-hand. MEUS strives to provide youth with a platform to learn, express themselves and apply their skills in an immersive environment that replicates the challenges, complexities and thrills of European politics.

of Participants at MEUS 2019 stated that they enjoyed MEUS and would recommend the experience to someone else. (Feedback received from 118 Participants).


Our Vision

Model European Union Strasbourg believes in a European Union that celebrates diversity, fosters European identity and empowers youth to become more engaged, active citizens in their communities.

Through attending MEUS, our Participants gain a deeper understanding of the relevance and importance of EU institutions in their daily lives. In the spirit of the EU, one of our primary goals is to attract Participants from around Europe (and beyond) so that they may build intercultural bridges, celebrate their diversity and, whilst learning about prominent issues on the European agenda, grasp that they have far more in common than they might first realise.

By requiring that Participants collaborate with one another and find compromises to succeed, MEUS highlights the importance of meaningful dialogue and active citizenship in Europe, empowering our Participants to build upon their experience in Strasbourg to apply the knowledge, skills and connections they have gained to the benefit of their local, regional and national communities.

of MEUS 2019 Participants stated that MEUS increased their knowledge about EU decision-making and European affairs. (Feedback received from 118 Participants).


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What Former Participants Say

"If you want to have a feel of what real politics are like, then you can't miss MEUS! Nothing compares in size, professionalism...and fun! You'll delve into a world of verbal fights, journalistic scandals, strategic thinking...but also of teamwork and negotiation! Your efforts at MEUS will be rewarded with professionalizing experience and especially a long-lasting network of other EU enthusiasts...who you'll certainly meet again!"

Agata Hidalgo

Law Graduate, participated in MEUS 2018 as a mep

In 2018 I was checking myself in at the airport, excited and ready for a sleepless week ahead, when I was told that, due to an administrative issue, I will not be able to travel to Strasbourg. I was shattered and above all, worried about how everything would turn out. Well, it turned out to be the best edition yet! That is what happens when a motivated team of young people who are in love with an idea support each other to overcome any obstacle!


participated as an Interest Representative in MEUS 2016 and Participants Coordinator for MEUS 2018

Frantic preparations, strong motivation and a team to die for. That’s what comes to mind when thinking of MEUS. After two years in the team, I’ve experienced at first-hand that team work does wonders – there is nothing more powerful than people who share the same vision and passion for a project.

Artemis Sakorafa

participated in MEUS 2019 as an Interpreter, MEUS 2020 and MEUS 2021 as an Interpreters' Coordinator

If you participate in MEUS, not only will you experience a fantastic week in Strasbourg with 150 other young people from across Europe and beyond, you will also be delving into a world with unique developmental, social and professional opportunities for the short, medium and long term.


participated in MEUS 2014 and is now a Parliamentary Assistant at the Houses of Parliament in Ireland

In a nutshell: MEUS changed my life. I'd never done any public-speaking outside of language classes before, I didn't think I was capable of debating legal documents and I sure didn't think I'd be comfortable wearing a suit for the first time in my life. MEUS 2018 ended up teaching me so much, providing me friendships to cherish and inspiring me to study European affairs and continue being part of the MEUS family for 3 years afterwards. I can't recommend the experience enough: it changed my life, maybe it'll change yours too?

Rhys Nugent

participated as an MEP in MEUS 2018, Political Advisor (2019), Participants' Coordinator (2020), Director General of MEUS 2021

Back in January 2018 I first noticed a call for applications for MEU Strasbourg. Being rather skeptical about how my medical background could match with the announced legislative debate, I decided to apply few days before the deadline would expire. The decision proved to be wise. I spent a very fruitful week in Strasbourg meeting amazing people, some of whom remain my friends until today. Last but not least, MEUS 2018 was my incentive to join the Organising Team of MEU Athens 2019. To be continued!

Christos tSAGKARIS

Medical graduate, scientific assistant, participated in MEUS 2018 as MEP

MEUS is all about being motivated and eager to share some of the most unexpected experiences within a group of ingenious and charismatic young people, while participating in a unique project embodying the ideal of living united in diversity. MEUS is, also, about all the wow-moments you live during the event. After five years of being related to this project and its people, I urge you to seek for any opportunity available to participate in it.

ANASTASIOS KARAMEROS participated in MEUS 2016 as an MEP

Any MEUS participant or organiser will tell you that MEUS changes lives, even if it’s in little ways: new friends, new confidence in your public speaking, new career dreams. I can only recommend the experience!

Andrea Nieto Wiśniewska

participated in MEUS 2017 as an Interpreter, MEUS 2019 and MEUS 2020 as an Interpreters Coordinator and MEUS 2021 as Organisers' Coordinator

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Model European Union Strasbourg is only made possible thanks to our dedicated Organising Team of volunteers, consisting of more than 40 young students and professionals from around Europe (and beyond) who dedicate hours of their weekly free time towards making a truly life-changing experience of European politics in the form of MEUS. Each of our Organisers bring their own skills and fields of expertise and take on dedicated roles and responsibilities to help make MEUS happen.




ivaylo antonov


Diana Ter-Zakaryan

Deputy Director General

Elitsa smilyanova

Deputy director general

Jason justin mcbride



nina pajovic


camilla castelanelli


marc rieger

content officer



alberto pozebon


persida ciobanu

interest representatives coordinator

elaena shipp

chairs coordinator

radka studničková


ciprian balmus

content officer

katarzyna mlynarczyk interpreters coordinator

sofia martinez ubeda

interpreters coordinator

martyna wierzbicka

journalists coordinator

alicia serrano Sánchez interpreters coordinator

marta vojvodic


max magnee


Alen milakovic



ronja kötter


gosia stadnicka


mia doerflein

strasbourg logistics officer

Marni anjaoghlian



mirna mahmoud omar ashri


patrycja kluch

partnerships manager

Lei Nguyen

partnerships manager


Dominik Omerović

Social media manager

ana ljubičić

Social Media manager

buse Özcan

Social Media Manager

qiandai xiao

graphic designer

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