The transition to a climate neutral, clean economy presents significant opportunities in terms of developing the net-zero technology sectors and creating quality jobs and growth.

The global market for key mass-manufactured net-zero technologies is set to triple by 2030 with an annual worth of around EUR 600 billion.

In that context, the Commission's communication on the Green Deal Industrial Plan presented a plan for enhancing the competitiveness of Europe's net-zero industry and supporting the fast transition to climate neutrality.

The members of the European Parliament and Ministers of the Council debate two topics and working proposals of the European Commission.

One topic is on the Net-Zero Industry Act proposal, while the other is on SLAPP Suits. These two real-life legislative proposals tie into two prominent topics on the forefront of the European agenda.

It is essential for participants to familiarise themselves with the topics and preparatory material ahead of the conference week.

A cornerstone of healthy and thriving democracies is a guarantee that people can participate actively in public debate without undue interference. For meaningful participation, people must have access to reliable information and be able to form their own judgement in a public space in which different views can be expressed freely.

Therefore, it is important to protect journalists, human right defenders and others involved in protecting public interest from manifestly unfounded or abusive court proceedings (also known as strategic lawsuits against public participation(SLAPP) launched against them by powerful individuals and entities) in an attempt to silence public debate.

With these two topics at the heart of MEUS 2023, participants are in for hours of tricky debate surrounding two contentious proposals bound to create excitement and stir controversy!

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