Since MEUS is a simulation of the decision-making process of the European Union, the Ordinary Legislative Procedure is the basis of the format behind our conference. In the real-world, the process of decision-making is far more tedious and takes months and sometimes years to accomplish.

However, in order to make the simulation as realistic as possible in our shorter time span and to ensure that participants learn sufficiently about the Ordinary Legislative Procedure of the European Union, we adopt a Modified Legislative Procedure. This Modified Legislative Procedure allows us to capture as many key-elements behind decision-making in the European Parliament and Council of the EU as possible.

Sounds confusing and complex?

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Our content team made up of Commissioners, Legal and Political Advisors and preparatory material are there to help you! Afterall, our simulation is also targeted towards young people from all walks of life even if you have no prior experience or introduction to European politics.

Our goal is to breakdown the complexity behind the entire process so that the information and subsequent participation is accessible to everyone.

Strasbourg Week

As fundamental and irreplaceable the simulation of the European Union in the European Parliament is to MEUS, downtime in the evenings is just as important to making MEUS the unique experience that is and letting participants enjoy their experience to the fullest. For these reasons, our Strasbourg Logistics Officers arrange a series of social events and activities every year in and around the city that complement the conference's schedule to provide participants with plenty of chances to relax, spend time with their new friends and enjoy everything that Strasbourg has to offer. The social activities are an integral part of our conference and they put the cherry on top of participants' once in a lifetime week in Strasbourg.

Workshops and panels

During MEU Strasbourg the exchange of ideas and knowledge extends beyond the plenary sessions. Our simulation features an array of captivating workshops and insightful panel discussions, providing invaluable opportunities for participants to delve deeper into the topics. Through these interactive workshop sessions, participants gain firsthand experience of how decisions are made, policies are crafted, and the dynamic nature of European politics. And through the panel discussions, participants are granted access to a wealth of valuable information shared by esteemed panelists. Accomplished experts, policymakers, and industry leaders take the stage, offering their profound insights and firsthand experiences in navigating the complexities of the European Union. From seasoned diplomats to influential lobbyists, these panelists bring a diverse range of perspectives, shedding light on the intricacies of EU decision-making processes, policy formulation, and the challenges the chosen topics of the year might have. The panel discussions serve as a platform for mutual learning and exchange, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of intellectual growth and discovery helping the participants form their understanding of how the debates will develop during the simulation.

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